Hello Beautiful Woman,


I am Helene Wesslund, your Shakti Guide. I will help you find your own power as a woman, to learn how to use your feminine energy to create the life you want to live and to be empowered in all parts of your life - at work, at home, with the family, with friends, on your own and on the inside.


As a mother of two teenagers (read: mother of dragons), I am being forced to repeatedly work through arguments, skipping school, graffiti, alcohol and drug use. And every time I am rubbed against a rough part in my life I shed skin, leading up to me always feeling raw, naked, and left with only my true essence.


Skinless and vulnerable I finally remembered what I came here to earth to do - to bring out the feminine energy in the world, to create balance with the masculine energies that has ruled this earth the last thousands of years.


Our patriarchal society has made even women run mostly on masculine energy, all about doing not about being, which leads to stress and burnout. That is why you are here, love, because you want to feel more present, more at peace and in tune with your life, right?


What If I told you you can have both a family, a career, friends and time for yourself, without feeling stressed out? Would you believe me? Here is the secret: We are women, we can’t refuel our energy on masculine energy - we need feminine energy!


So for you, dear, I have created a flow of Shakti Activations to help you to find your inner voice and learn to trust it. You need to refuel with feminine energy - more self care, more time in stillness and more pleasure, whatever that means for you. And I promise, yes promise, that you will feel more joy, balance and energy in life.


Come on, take my hand. I will guide you through the layers to discover your Wise Woman who lives inside you, she who holds all wisdom and knowledge. She is waiting for you… Come!


All my love to you,

Helene Wesslund


Helene has a profound background of feminine flow, growing up with her mother and two sisters, with a lot of strong female relatives close by. As a pisces she is a born empath and has been able to feel other people’s feelings her whole life, and she has always lived alternative lives in another dimension due to her vivid imagination.

She started her first witches coven at the age of 10, studied nature’s medicine through her teens and later found strength in yoga and meditation as a solitary practitioner witch, studying the feminine power through esoteric literature.

With the birth of her first child Helene discovered her clairvoyance, and started to play with tarot cards. Her thirst for deeper knowledge lead her to The Tower outside Stockholm, where she met the Swedish national witch Jolanda den Tredje, and became the witch’s apprentice for several years. The two women worked side by side during multiple workshops and exhibitions as well as at the Tarot Shop “Jolanda den Tredje” in Stockholm, where they offered drop in tarot readings.

Simultaneously she studied Andean Shamanism during a year, assisting in ceremonies and healing sessions. During that time she also came in contact with the work around crystalline grids, vibrational frequencies and divine geometry, leading up to 2012.

After a well needed hiatus for integration Helene has now emerged with her own interpretation of her Dharma as Shakti Guide and as a spokeswoman for the Divine Feminine to help women live in touch with their feminine power, their Shakti Flow.