Thank You, Divine Angel,

I can't wait to finally share with you what I am all about! My true calling, the mission handed to me by the Divine Feminine.

As you probably already know, I woke up one day realizing that I was trying so hard to fit in our masculine society that I hadn’t the time I needed to engage with my children, or to take care of myself. So I decided to learn how to live with the feminine energies, the flow and the Shakti, to be able to be a better mother, live my life more joyfully, more in balance and feeling more empowered.

And now I have been called to facilitate this online ceremony in sacred space to to softly guide you through the cobwebs of the mind (ego) to reconnect with the Divine Feminine and the Shakti Flow.

You will soon receive an email with a replay from our last ritual, as well as more information about our upcoming ceremonies.

Eternal Love and Gratitude,

Helene Wesslund / Tarot & Shakti Guide