Do you want to connect with likeminded women in an intimate and sacred space? I spoke with my business today, Shakti Flow, and she told me we need to start two smaller circles with only four women in each, one in Swedish and one in English. She called it Exclusive Bliss. And who am I to argue? The circles will be held in sacred space and contain interaction between the women, deep discussions, self exploration and activations of what is needed at the time present. We'll be connecting heart to heart, soul to soul, and we'll be talking about what's in our hearts and on our minds, as well as incorporate clearings, meditations and activations of our collective choice for that day. We will meet for an hour on ZOOM for six new moons.

So I am now, together with my business ShaktiFlow, opening space for FOUR English speaking women who want to connect deeper with sisters, soul to soul. We'll meet on Thursdays at 8 pm CET (11 am PST). If you're interested, contact me HERE!