how to empower yourself and enjoy life to the fullest.

Are you tired of being tired? Are you feeling worn out and deflated at the end of the day? Have you had enough of being neglected, or maybe you are one of the women running the program of unworthiness and don't know how to express yourself when it really counts.

If so, this is an invitation for you. 

A beautiful way to end the suffering that's making you unable to enjoy your life to the fullest is to learn how to work with your feminine power, your Shakti, to be confident and empowered. In this program you'll learn to get to know your inner power, how to embody it and how to call upon it when you need to to empower yourself. No more feeling week, tired or being treated like a wallflower. 

As a Shakti Guide I focus my attention on how to work with my own Shakti, as well as on how to best pass my knowledge on to other women, to make us all feel confident and empowered.

This 12 days online immersion is a introductory course of the Shakti Flow Programs I'm facilitating. For 12 days you get daily emails with different approaches on how to work more in depth with your shakti, and the feminine power. 

Need some guidance in your life?



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