The Beginning

This spring I have been working through my teenagers drug use, which has woken me up to a whole new life. The rawness of being questioned as a mother by both myself and the Social Services has inspired me to make a commitment to myself and the universe to be always authentic.


Therefore I am finally collecting my 20+ years of studying the feminine to embrace my calling to start living with Shakti Flow.


In the tide of my raging emotions during spring I now feel called to host a summit to help women who are going through similar feelings of not being good enough or feeling powerless in their current situation.


I started looking for strong women who inspire others and I found some amazing women!! I love the work each and everyone of them are doing around feminine energy and empoweent, and I genuinely feel that all women could benefit from their work. I am so honored to have interviewed these strong and simply stunning women for the summit I’m hosting, called:


The Shakti Flow Summit -

How to embrace your feminine flow to receive more joy, balance and energy.



The summit mission is to teach spiritual women and mothers who feel tired and overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life how to access their feminine flow to create more joy, balance, and energy.


Topics covered are:

Feminine vs Masculine energies, Self Care, Divine Guidance, Energy Healing, Creativity, Intuition, Meditation, Visualization, Motherhood and Yin Yoga.


It is a two week summit and will launch on 11.11. 2017. All interviews will be released in both VIDEO and AUDIO format so you can choose to watch it as your me-time or if you want to listen to it while doing chores.


All experts also offer a free gift at the end of their interview so you can deepen into their practice if you feel called to.


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