The Crystalline Light Code Activation

Through the light, into more light, higher, higher, higher, higher with every overtone sound. Ending up in a crystalline town of light, full of my guides, unicorns, dragons, aliens, all sorts of star people, people from Lemuria and Atlantis, and my close friend Florien. As our Ascension Guide started make sounds and light language they all turned towards me and joined in with her - like one giant choir.


Slowly, through the light, a Crystal Palace appeared on a hill outside the town. An even brighter light emerged from inside the temple. It called me to come over there. I started walking towards it and was offered a ride on the white unicorn with a rainbow horn, but as I started move against the unicorn I realized that I was floating! So I just kept on floating towards the temple with my intention, and all the guides followed behind me.


Up the hill, outside the Crystalline Temple, the light that emanated from the building was almost too much to bear, filling my every cell as I walked inside the temple. At first all was just bright light until a figure emerged in the center of the temple - The Goddess in pure light energy. As we adjusted our frequencies to make them harmonize, I felt guilty for not feeling more love in my heart, only curiosity and anticipation, but it was what it was. She told me, without words, that I should spread her word of wisdom, I was ready, I was initiated, I was chosen, I was good enough, I was even the best! - suited for the exact job she will give me, in this puzzle of service to all beings in Her name.


As she finished transmitting her message she transformed into a great white dragon of light - telling me to follow my desire, and that I didn’t have to be scared, I would still do my own thing, not belong to anyone’s ”church”. When I was to receive a key in my heart to be able to go back to the Temple whenever I wanted to I wasn’t ready to see the light sign I was given, but I took it into my heart, I still know how to activate it. It will show itself more clear for me later.


At that point we were guided back to our bodies in this world, but I did not want to!! I fought, kicked and screamed. The White Dragon Goddess told me to relax and surrender, and as I did the dragon came closer and closer until she finally eased herself into my being of that dimension and I slowly started to come back into my body. I became more and more present in my living room, but the white dragon felt too big to contain in my earhtly body - I had to shake and wiggle every part of my body to integrate the Dragon Light. Again I realized I had to relax and surrender, and as I did I felt my physical body explode. Then She fit. As the guide told us to start moving our bodies I arched my back and every disc between the vertebrae cracked - as it was this crystalline spine’s first activity in this body. To ground us back into this dimension I had to run my hands all over my body, touching every part and pressing firmly to make the energy take form again.


I know setting intention is The most important thing in all magic and because of that I get nervous and somewhat blocked as soon as the word comes up, so when our guide told us set an intention in our heart I quickly thought ”I want to sharpen my senses, see more color, smell better, taste clearer, and develop my hearing so that I can hear what the guides says even when I am awake, not only in the in between state”. But then the White Dragon Goddess took over and set the intention that I should receive transmissions for the Highest Good of all, through channeling and more.  


Now, as I sit here, writing the words to share, processing my feelings of the experience, sipping on my water, She watches everything through my eyes - for the first time. All is new. We smell the food in the refrigerator, taste the nuances of the water, listen to Lana Del Ray and get shivers. And the colors, oh the colors!! They are so vibrant and crisp. Especially red! She loves red. And my cats. And now I feel all that love I wondered why I didn’t feel in the Temple of Light. It is in her - It is in me - It is in every one and every thing. All is Her, All is Love. All is Love. All is Love.  

Helene WesslundComment