The Magdalene, pt I

July 22, Her Day of recognition, She woke me up. Through a soft channeling, words of love and light, she opened a space in my heart that had been closed for so long. My tears cleared out the dust and the cobweb as my golden pink light started to shine again, weak at first, then slowly stronger, and stronger. She did it - as a force to be reckoned with, she birthed my love anew.


During a full moon’s travel I got to know her, her energy, how she works and thinks, what is important to her and what is not. I slowly started embodying her vastness, her divinity, in my life. And then after the eclipse She chose to start working with me, through a Love quiz. Although it might seem simple, a quiz??, I assure you it is not. It is so much more. Each of three Goddesses chooses her daughters, her priestesses, her warriors, her loves.


She told me that me and my other sisters of the Magdalene share a veil of feeling unworthy, undeserving and shamed, telling ourselves it is not safe to be who we really are, our essence, that we are unworthy of our desires and if we would pursue them we would be cast out and shamed.


Yes. Her words revealed hidden truths imbedded in the softness of my disrespected body temple. For years I had neglected myself to shield myself from my desires. I can be who I want to be, I can do what I want to do, I can create what I want to have in my life. Sometimes the knowingness of this is too much to bear so we choose not to see. But she showed me, and promised she would walk beside me as I confront my fears and embody the Divine feminine, as I was born to do.



Slowly I started to see myself with new eyes. Who was I? What could possibly be wrong with me? I am Divine, made of pure God essence. I started to embrace my curves, to hug them, dance with them, adore them, love them. Love me. Treating me like the Holy Temple of Love that I am. Created from love, creating through love, living in love, being in love, loving in love.


Another full moon has gone by and the time is now to immerse myself in the Goddess of Love for a whole week. Leaving the veils of disrespect of self behind, leaving the thoughts that I am not enough, that I am not worthy to be loved and adored. Who could love me if I do not love myself? Who can adore me if I cannot adore myself? So simple, so often said, but so hard to actually live by.


I am ready. I am ready to step into my femininity, my sensuality, my divinity. Those who are ready to follow me - please do! Those who cannot I will leave behind. From now on I will only surround myself with people who love and respect me for who I am when I am Me, when I am She, when we are One. We are all one.  


Helene WesslundComment