The Magdalene, pt II

I found myself wondering the streets of Stockholm today, not knowing where to go, just following my heart. I sat down by a fountain and listened to the water, but it made me want to cry, so I left, let my heart guide me where to go.

The urge to cry became stronger and stronger and I thought to myself "where can you cry publicly in Stockholm on a sunny Sunday afternoon?" Of course! A cemetery!! So I went to a church, sat down on a bench and let my tears flow. Tears of heaviness, sadness and confusion.

After a while I tried to calm myself by focusing on finding the name of the church I had ended up by. To my amazement it was The Church of Mary Magdalene. She had called me to her 😪

So I cried some more, tears of joy, alignment and fait. And I could hear her whispering to me: Come lay you head on my lap, I will comfort and protect you. The rose is in your heart. I am you. I am you. I am you.

Helene WesslundComment