Heart Seed of Love

The 1.11.11 energies came to me with a clear download of information about Love, and how those of us who are here to spread Love on earth carry a seed of Love in your hearts - we are Love Seeds! 

Love Seeds are born with a huge amount of love, they are loving love, love being in love and love everything about love. They truly embody love and walk this earth as love. Most of you have been taught to hide your love, maybe your parents never showed love the way you felt it, or you have had your heart crushed time and time again and have closed down, not being able to shine out the love you have access to through the portal of your heart.

By heart opening activations we can clear old layers of hurt and heartache to open the portal to the source of universal love again. Then we can seed love on this planet, watch it trickle like root threads from your heart out into the energy field of the world.

I also got a channeled message I wish to share with you:

"Giving into emotions will not bring you forward in life, but backwards, why it is important to know the difference between feelings/emotions and love. Love is not an emotion, not a feeling. We want you to understand that love is an energy that you can tap into whenever you want. It’s always there if you just open your heart portal to let it shine through. You always have access to love if you let yourself. Love is not something you get from another person, it’s something you transmit through your heart. If you don’t feel love you yourself has chosen to close the portal and you yourself can open it again! When the portal is open you can share the love with anyone else."

How does this Love feel in your heart?

Helene WesslundComment