A Love Letter from Abundance, Gratitude and Enchantment



Hello Beloved Being, this is your Abundance. I am here to help you remember that time does not exist. The only "time" that exists is this moment right now. So feel into the abundance you are situated in right now, in this moment.

Release all thoughts of lack, those are old programs in the collective unconscious field. Open your heart portal and let the light of your higher self shine through to transform any memories of lack into memories of abundance. Remember how loved you are. Remember the sun caressing your skin, remember colors of art bringing tears to your eyes, remember the sound of baby laughter, remember the taste of your favorite fruit, remember the scent of snow and crystals, the scent of green budding life in the spring, the scent of flowers in the summer and the scent of decomposing leaves in the fall.

Feel the smile of the people close to you, feel the love hidden in the small things. When you remove the veil of lack you realize that all beings emamate unconditional love. So we hereby remove another layer of lack consciousness to help you see even clearer how this world is created by love and Gratitude: 









Hi Light One, this is your Gratitude. Why have you forgotten about me? All the beauty around you, filling your life and your world, needs me. When I fill your heart more of your riches will come to you.

Worship your life, worship what you have near you. When Gratitude fills your heart it will burst into fire works, sprinkling sparkles and glitter all over your world, encompassing all of your senses and all of your energy.

Nothing will ever feel redundant again. For this is life. This is love. This is Abundance. This is Gratitude. This is Enchantment:













My Dear, I am your Enchantment, and this is what I want to tell you: When you see things with sparkles in your eyes - I am there. When you watch life as pure love - I am there. When your heart is filled with joy and wonder of the beauty in all things - I am there. Others might not see me, some have never met me, but I am always present in your life. Trust in me, you know I am there. Together we will rule your life, ascending you higher and higher. No enchantment - no ascension!

Bring me forth, for I am your strength. I am the force and I am the source. Trust me and believe in me, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Express your love for this present moment. Tell me your secrets and tell me your truths. What do you hide and what do you love? What would the world look like if we didn't hide anything, from ourselves or from others?

Abundance, Gratitude and Enchantment are the road/tool/spaceship to the higher realms. We believe in you 

Eternally yours, 

Abundance, Gratitude and Enchantment 
Helene WesslundComment