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Helene Wesslund / Tarot- och Shaktiguide


Tarot Testimonials

“Oh my god...
I just loved this, it’s like you read my mind! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart! You are an amazing woman...but mostly, I love your voice, can’t quite explain it but it soothes me and gives me the warm fuzzies!!!! Thank you again...
So much love and gratitude xx”


“Helene did an Eclipse reading for me that affected me deeply during and after. I was a little tense when we started out and she immediately had a very cool calming effect on my soul. She touched on a few things going on at the time and gave me a bit to feel into and ponder. The eclipse/full moon was very powerful and her words and vibe stayed with me for days. What a joyful experience I can’t wait for my next.”


“The reading I received from Helene was so much more than I expected! She was able to convey the messages in such a clear, compassionate and loving way, providing much clarity and validation around feelings I was having yet struggling to piece together to make sense. In particular I received some beautiful messages around my marriage, which has been something that I had been putting on the back burner and carrying much non serving emotion and belief around for some time. Only recently had begun to address the issue officially, and her guidance was focused beautifully on this part of my life in such an aligned way. I was also able to discern further connection watching my reading a second time and look forward to reviewing it again. Thank you Helene for your love and generosity! I highly recommend a reading with Helene to anyone looking for some gentle and compassionate guidance. Much love and gratitude! ”